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Ideal Weight Solutions – Portland


Ideal Weight Solutions offers an easy, safe and rapidly effective weight-loss program in a friendly space! Weekly private coaching supports dieters on their weight loss journey and helps them transition to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. IWS was established by Ahnna Lake, MD in 2011 and is an authorized Ideal Protein Weight Loss center.

This diet approach is great for anyone who wants to lose weight rapidly and safely in a supportive program (everyone gets weekly one-on-one coaching!) and/or has the following health issues: PCOS, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, gastric reflux, achy muscles and joints (from inflammation), and more.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss method is an easy-to-follow low-carbohydrate, low-fat program. It supplies all the necessary protein and micronutrients needed to protect muscle mass while burning fat at maximum speed. (On too many diets, dieters lose a lot of muscle!) The diet keeps your insulin down which keeps your fat cells open for fat-burning and lowers inflammation. You can learn all about the science behind the diet at our free introductory workshop. On the diet you eat four times/day (three meals and one snack). To help cut calories and speed the weight loss along, we replace some of your daily protein with special protein supplement foods. These protein supplement foods greatly help with any cravings you might have on the diet (there are dozens of choices – they range from peanut butter bars to crunchy white cheddar ridges!). Currently over 100,000 people worldwide are on this program.

Ideal Weight Solutions – Portland

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